BEASTARS Season : Subaru Kimura Joins The Cast


Reportedly, the official website of the BEASTARS anime made an announcement on Friday 16 October that the show’s second season will release in 2021. The anime will once again stream on Fuji TV’s +Ultra Programming block.

All you need to know about the BEASTARS Season 2!

The website’s official announcement also included revelation of two new cast members and character designs. They are:

Taiten Kusunoki as Ibuki

Subaru Kimura as Free

The original television anime of Paru Itagaki’s BEASTARS manga initially premiered on Netflix in Japan on October 8 and then released on Fuji TV’s + Ultra Programming block and on TV Nishinippon in October 9. On March 13, the season debuted on Netflix outside the country of Japan.

Viz Media is going to premiere the manga in English language and it explained the story as :

In the high school, the students are divided into the predators and preys and the interpersonal relationships manages the fragile peace. Who is the BEASTAR among them— An academic and humanitarian role model, who is destined to be a leader in a society widespread of mistrust.

At Cherryton Academy, a student is murdered and eaten. While, the member of a drama club, turns to be carnivores. Logoshi is a large wolf. But considerably he won’t hurt a fly. Another question is, will dwarf rabbit bring out the beast in him?

Shinichi Matsumi is directing the anime at CG anime studio orange and Nanami Higuchi has penned the scripts. Nao Ootsu is serving as the sub character designer. While, Satoru Kousaki has composed the music for both season of the anime.

In September 2016, The manga was launched by Itagaki in Weekly Shōnen Champion Magazine.


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