Better Call Saul season 6-what happened in season 5? (Ending explained)

Better Call Saul season 6: Better Call Saul is a prequel and spin-off of Breaking bad, an American crime drama. Better Call Saul is set in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Its story begins six years before the events of Breaking Bad. And follows the life of con-man turned small-time lawyer, Jimmy McGill. Jimmy later turns into the flamboyant criminal lawyer Saul Goodman.


The fifth season of the show shows the progression of Jimmy into the character of Saul Goodman after regaining his law license and also the blending of his legal world and the criminal world in fascinating and terrifying ways.


Fifth Season’s Ending explained:

Better Call Saul season 6: The last episode of the season was titled “Something unforgivable” and rightly so.

In the finale, Lalo survives an assassination attempt due to his bravado and determination by a team sent by Gus despite being outnumbered, surprised because Nacho let them into the fortress-like Salamanca home in Mexico and also disclosed his location on Gus’s orders.


After surviving the almost certain assassination Lalo stages a counterattack and kills everyone except one killer. Lalo tells him to call his contact and tell him that even though they faced some difficulties, the job has been done. Gus was smart enough to not hire the killers directly and used a middleman to hire them. This whole chain of events surely raised expectations as Nacho would have a lot of tough questions to answer both to Gus and to Lalo.

Better Call Saul season 6: Jimmy and Kim’s Plan:

Better Call Saul season 6: Following the unwelcome and rattling visit from Lalo, Jim and Kim went hiding in a hotel for the better part of the episode except for Kim’s occasional visits to the court. During one such visit, she meets Howard who tells her how Jim broke his Jaguar’s windshield and embarrassed him with hookers.

Surprisingly, Howard annoys Kim. And then suggests even more ways to trick Howard into doing something public and something professionally embarrassing. Something like “misappropriating funds so that Howard leaves Sandpiper lawsuit is settled and they win two million dollars. Jim tries to tamper her enthusiasm for this absolutely horrendous act but she is willing to follow through. Her willingness to go even further than Jim is perhaps a sign of how gruesome things are going to get.

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