Better things season 5- What happened in the last season? How will the story continue?

Better things season 5, Better Things is an American comedy-drama television series that run on FX. It is created by Pamela Adlon and Louis C.K. Pamela Adlon is also the story writer, showrunner, director, and producer of the show. She is the creative head behind the narrative and technical points of the show which has been appreciated by the viewers.

The series paints a reality of life, full of fun and turmoil. Adlon stars in the series as a divorced mother of three daughters. Adlon’s character was highly praised by fans around the world. The show has had four seasons till now, with season 4 ending recently during April 2020. There is no point in questioning about the release of the fourth season amidst the coronavirus pandemic because the entire season was already filmed way before the pandemic and lockdown that followed. In May 2020, the channel renewed the Better things season 5.

But before heading on to all the details about the fifth season, let us have a quick recap of the previous season. People who have not watched the fourth season yet must skip this part to avoid spoilers!


The second half of the fourth season continued with the exploration of family bonds and other significant moments. The finale portrays the kind human nature depicted by some strangers and all the struggles a woman has to face in the world. The entire focus of the season was Sam and her ex-husband, Xander. Their relationship was enough drama for the season! But many questions, “Was Nightswimming the end song.” Well, yes it was the season final song and according to Adlon, it described the entire season.

Now as we have had a short recap here is what we have for season 5.

WHEN IS Better things season 5 RELEASING?

Season 5 is a question mark for itself. On asking Adlon about the new season, she was left blank. She says she has no idea about how they are going to work on it. Another reason for the confusion is viewership, since the last three seasons, viewership of this show has considerably decreased. This puts the producers and the streaming network in doubt about a new season!

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