Bhaukaal Season 2: When is it coming out?

Bhaukaal Season 2

In this article, we are going to answer when Bhaukaal Season 2 will be coming out. People have been loving the show since the first season. Hence, they want to know when the next season of the show might be coming out. Therefore, let us try to find out an answer to the same.


Now, for the people who are uninitiated to the show, let us try to sum up the show as short as we can. We have to say that most of the crime dramas take the perspective from the criminals and gangsters. But, Bhaukaal is one of those shows which seems to defy such notions. This is because it puts us in the shoes of an honest police officer. We see the character of Mohit Raina who has gone above and beyond to bring order and peace to his society.


Bhaukaal Season 2: Release Date

For now, you can be sure that the second season of the show will come out in 2021. Although production of several shows got stalled because of the pandemic. But, there are still several months remaining in the year. Therefore, there is a huge chance that the show might just drop.

Hence, we urge you to stay tuned to FinanceRewind in order to get the latest news on the same. It has been revealed that the show will have 10 seasons. As most fans already know, you can stream the show on MXPlayer.

Bhaukaal Season 2: What will be the plot?

The plot for the second season of Bhaukaal has not been released as of now. But, we can assume that it will continue the previous storyline. We can see that the police is trying hard to eradicate the criminal elements from the city. There are also other characters such as that of the journalist who supports such eradication.