Big Brother Spoiler: Janelle Hate Is Real ‘I Just Want To Punch Myself In The Face and Cut My Finger Off With A Butter Knife’

Big Brother Spoiler: When a bunch of people with contrasting personalities together share a space, then cold wars and sparks of clashes make their way. After all, living with people in a pressure cooker like environment leads to what consequences is the show Big Brother all about.

Big Brothers: All-Stars

Big Brother: All-Stars is the 22nd season of a reality show, Big Brother. It premiered from August 5, 2020, and the host of the is Julie Chen Moonves. It airs three days a week Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Janelle Hate is Real ‘I want to punch myself in the face and cut my finger off with a butter knife’ says Nicole

In the first week of the show’s premiere, there is a conflict between Nicole Franzel and Janelle. The latest rift happened between the two in the morning when Cody and Christmas were sitting outside have a light time and were joined by Nicole in a frustrated state of mind. She complained about Janelle, Bayleigh, and Nicole Anthony of having a party inside discussing Instagram ads and stuff while she was trying to sleep in there. She claimed that Nicole intentionally brought up her old showmance and boyfriend Corey Brooks in front of everyone knowing she has a fiance in Big Brother which made her furious and annoyed with Janelle. Christmas comforted her and advised her to note to Janelle seriously replying to which Nicole said, “I am not saying a word about being an influencer, and I am just sitting there with a pillow over my head and trying to sleep as they are talking about advertising dildos. I am like….what is going on? I want to punch myself in the face and cut my finger off with a butter knife”. This sounded gross to Cody as she said it was strange of Nicole to go this far of cutting her finger with a butter knife.

Nicole cried as she commented on Janelle being so annoying and how much she hates being tortured by people.

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