Big Hero 6 : End Season 3, Episode 18 and 19

Big Hero 6: The series produced by Disney Television Animation, Big Hero 6 in form of a series with weekly episodes running its third season with final episode 18 & episode 19. The show aired it’s first episode in 2017, “Baymax Returns.” The series has animated superheroes and a comedy genre of the story.


On the 28th of January 2021, it was announced that the third season will be the end of this series. The final episodes will be episode 18 and 19, titled, “Krei-oke Night / The Mascot Upshot,” Krei enrolling Big Hero 6 to assist launch his most recent invention, a karaoke machine, within the first half.


Big Hero 6 Episode 18 & 19 : “Krei-oke Night / The Mascot Upshot”

Hiro, Baymax and Wasabi come at Fred’s home. They all get together, and watches movie. As it happens, Judy becomes right hand of Krei who has bought the Sycorax building. Judy call them, and gets them back to work. The real problem comes when Krei got misplaced inside the building. Fred, as absentminded as he is, puts his nibble interior a beast making machine whereas, mixing up it for a microwave.

Big Hero 6 Episode 18, 19

The mascots choose to include a new member to their family, and display Hiro with an opportunity to vanquish them all. The team later decides to make artificial brain for Nega Globby as Globby is in total mess and having disturbing dream about Nega Globby. And so Honey Lemon understands that Big Hero 6 and Nega Globby is connected with each other. A new “Big Hero 6” series is the reason for this series cancellation. “Baymax!” it will be Disney Animation’s series and will premiere in 2022.

Big Hero 6 : End Season

To continue the of story of tech genius Hiro “Big Hero 6: The Series” was planned.

Big Hero 6 : Where to watch and time

The end episodes 18 and 19 are both of 11 minutes. They will air together on Disney Channel. The timing will be 7:30 PM.


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