Big mouth season 4: release date and other information

Big mouth season 4

Big mouth season 4: It is an animated comedy about children with a sense of humour that can range from bawdy to gross. It is created by Nick Kroll and is famous for its adult humour and eccentric jokes. The series has continuously doing well and scooped up a couple of Emmy 2020 awards.


This show hinges on the concept of Hormone Monsters and other fantastical creatures that represent the comedy in how puberty comes-to-life. With an IMDb rating of 8/10 this show has proved to be a mega hit after several seasons.


There’s a growing consensus on comparison of the two animated comedies i,e- ‘South park’ and ‘Big mouth’. The similarities seem obvious but here’s why Big mouth proves to be better;

Release date for Bigmouth season4

This season has 10 episodes and is ready to take you on a laughter journey on December 4, 2020.

A perfect filling for the weekend.

Not only Big mouth has been renewed for season 4 but it will also be returning with season 5&6 in the coming years.


What to expect in this season?

Over the past seasons the show has introduced many imaginary characters to showcase plenty of emotions such as the Depression kitty, in the upcoming season Tito Anxiety Mosquito fits perfectly.

This season devotes more time to topics like “blue balls” and “code switching” . These are funny stories with some truth to them. We can see the puberty hit teens reach their eight grade and expect some comic transformation in their appearances, with a mix of summer camp insanity and shady alter ego characters.

In the trailer we see Tito bugs everybody at the summer camp. Students begin to pair up at the Bridgeton Middle school, Love is in the air!

Cast and guest appearance

We have always received surprises with special appearances in the show, continuing the legacy this time it will be starring, Maria Bamford-she voices Tito the Anxiety Mosquito,

Seth Rogan, Zach Galifianakis, Paul Giamatti and other interesting guest appearances.


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