Big Sky Episode 16 Season Everything You Need To Know

Big Sky Episode 16: If you’re a fan of mysteries, the show called Big Sky is no stranger for you. Well, there is good news for you then. This is because the finale of the show is about to air on ABC. During the entire season we have seen a number of unexplained events, and lastly, we can see Jenny joining Castle to put an end to the kidnappings.


Big Sky Episode 16: The Finale

Let us start with the name of the episode itself. Episode 16 of Big Sky is called ‘Love is a strange and dangerous thing’. There can be no doubt that this would be the turning point in the series. But, fans may not get the ending that they have been expecting. People have been saying that this where the two of the protagonists meet the truck driver.


The episode will air on May 18th on ABC.

Big Sky Episode 16: Predictions

Now, the penultimate episode of Big Sky was amazing. It ended on a high note, which can also be called a cliffhanger at this point. The fans are wondering whether a confrontation between Mark and Ronald would take place. This is because at the end of the episode we see Mark storming out of the place. Plus, as he’s leaving, he is seen shouting out the name of Ronald. So, expecting it is not much of a stretch.

Now, there’s another question. Do we see these characters in a face-off with each other? Or do they end up getting wound up in trouble together?

Big Sky is not your normal show. It keeps the story getting forward even if a main character gets killed. Maybe that reminds you of another show, perhaps? But, it can expected that the finale will have a death, which will shake the fans. If you ask us, Ronald would be able to escape and we fear that maybe one of the detectives might kick the bucket.

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