Billie Eilish launches a new voting initiative encouraging her fans to vote

Billie Eilish new voting initiative

Billie Eilish is an American songwriter and singer. She became popular in 2015 after her song Ocean Eyes. She has won many awards, Recently she shared something related to voting in US elections.


Billie shared a new voting initiative

The initiative inspired fans a lot. It was posted on Instagram. It even encourages fans to vote out in elections. As we all know many people doesn’t even care to vote. And this is wrong everyone should vote.


Billie Eilish mentioned that she really wished she doesn’t have to make such videos. But she also wants to encourage everyone that everyone should give a damn and vote.

This years election will go head to head between Donald trump and Joe Biden. It will going to take place next month.


Billie Eilish even said that she doesn’t want to get involve in politics, she only wanted to make everyone realose how important it is  to vote. Even if we’d rather stab ourselves in the face than talk about it, we have to talk about it.

Eilish added I know how easy it is to not to give a damn but no excuses for not to vote. The initiative says to text BILLIE on 50409 and check out if you guys are registered already and if not then go register yourselves.

Billie joins other celebrities

Initially in this month, Billie has also joined few other campaigns of celebrities like Quavo, Finneas and Taylor Swift. These offered experience and reward for verified users. The vote initiative of these artists is known as Just vote. Awards include a signed vinyl record by the “Bad Guy” performer, while Swift is donating a signed guitar to a winner. Frank Ocean also recently launched his own initiative where fans can find out if they are registered to vote by visiting his Blonded website.


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