Black Clover Chapter 261: Delayed! Read to Find out Why?

Black Clover is a Japanese fantasy, adventure manga series written by Yúki Tabata and directed by Tatsuya Yoshihara. The manga series was originally serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine from February 16, 2015. The story revolves around a young boy, Asta who has no powers since the day he was born which is somewhat not common in the world he lives.


When will the 261st chapter of Black Clover release?


The confirmed release date of Chapter 261 of Black Clover has been already out. As far as, the sources are concerned the upcoming chapter will release on August 23, 2020, Sunday at 9:30 am PDT. There won’t be any change in the release date.

Though, the title of the next chapter is yet not declared by the studio or producers but soon we can expect the title of chapter 261.


What happened in the 260th chapter of Black Clover?

The previous chapter was titled ‘Dark Out’ since the whole series revolves around Asta. The chapter started with a defeated panel of Dante. Asta, the young boy was about to fall but Yami helps him out before he fells.

Each and every member of Black Bulls were happy with their victory and were enjoying it. One of the most shocking things we saw was Grey hugs Gauche and she even forgets her social embarrassment. She was elated to see him alive after a long-lasting battle.

Zenon didn’t play well he pierced Yami in order to save Dante. He even tried to kill Asta but luckily Finral’s magic saved Asta.

What will happen in the 261st chapter of Black Clover?

In the 261st chapter of Black Clover, we will see Asta and the rest of the crew will be helpless and they won’t be able to do anything as Zenon will take away William and Yami.

There are certain predictions as to what will happen in the upcoming chapter:

Noelle and Heart Kingdom: Black Clover will revolve around the heart kingdom, it is anticipated that Noelle, Luck, Gaja, and Mimosa will stop Vanessa’s magic.

Battle against the Spade: Now the Spades have a chance to convert a human into the devils.

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