Black summer season 2- Any hints dropped by Jamie King about the new season? All latest updates

Black summer season 2-Jamie King, the main lead of the show, took to Twitter to share her satisfaction about getting another season of Black Summer.


Jaime King has dropped many hints with regards to what fans can hope to find in Season 2. In an interview, she uncovered, “What I can tease with is that whatever you think will happen, won’t happen. It will definitely keep you on your toes. It returns to certain human traits. Like do they have some ulterior motive? What is in each character’s psychology?”


She even tweeted that she will even produce the show alongside the others.

What is the plot of Black Summer Season 2

There were a couple of tips given by Jamie King during an interview. She said this will be something that none of us would have expected. She said that whatever she thought would be next, was not there it had been off. We’ll get the opportunity to see more than only a zombie apocalypse.

The first season got a great deal of backfires even after it had been out of the Z-nation. The viewers didn’t appreciate how the story went. And, it has been and it has possibly lost its viewers that was interested.

Black summer season 2

Release Date of Black Summer Season 2

Creation and production started in mid 2020, however it was stopped in March because of the Coronavirus pandemic. It was announced on March 18, 2020, that the production will start in another two weeks. So it very well may be normal that shooting might have started from April or May, which may influence its release date this year, 2020.

No official date of release or trailer has come out at this point. Earlier, the show was booked to hit Netflix in 2020, yet now it is very doubtful whether it will have the option to debut this year or not.

Who will we be seeing in Season 2? Who all are making a comeback for this season?

For the cast of Season 2 we are expecting that Jamie King will be making comeback as Rose (obviously), and also as the official producer of this season. Justin Chu Cary will also replay his role as Spears, and Christian as Kyungsun. John Hyams will also be coming back as the the only director for this season.


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