Black summer season 2- Do we have any official release? What are the latest updates?

Black Summer season 2- Black Summer is an American web television series streaming on Netflix. The series belongs to Apocalyptic fiction and Drama genre. The creator of the series is Karl Schaefer and John Hyams and the Producer is Jodi Binstock.

The first season premiered on April 11, 2019, on Netflix. It comprises of 8 episodes and the length of the episodes is 20-44 minutes.

Black Summer season 2: Cast

The happiest news for any fan could be their favourite cast’s comeback. Yes, the cast will return for season two. The existing star cast and characters includes:
Jaime King plays the role of Rose,
Justin Chu Cary plays the role of Julius James,
Christine Lee plays the role of Ooh Kyungsun,
Sal Velez Jr. plays the role of William Velez,
Kelsey Flower plays the role Lance
Black Summer Season 2

Black Summer season 2: Plot

The story follows six weeks after the beginning of the zombie end of the world, when Rose is isolated from her girl, Anna, she sets out on a nerve racking excursion, remaining determined to discover her little girl. Push nearby a little gathering of exiles in North America, she should overcome a threatening new world and settle on merciless choices during the most savage summer of a zombie end of the world.
About Black Summer two plot Jamie King has advised she said “ what can I tease in that whatever you believe in going to occur, will not happen. It is always going to keep you on your feet”.

Black Summer season 2: Release Date

There’s good news for all the fans of Black summer series. The show will be back with season 2. In November 2019, Netflix renewed the series for the second season. The series will consist of eight episodes. Although there is no news about the exact date of release of Black Summer season two. It seems we have to wait quiet longer for next season to arrive.