Black Widow Ending Explained: What Is Valentina Up to?

We had to wait for a long period of time for Black Widow. This was all because of the impact of the pandemic on the release of content. But, all of the fans of Marvel were immensely happy to see the release of the latest Black Widow movie.


Another reason for this excitement was the timeline in which the movie was set in. Now, if you are someone who has not seen the movie, you should know that it is set between the events of Infinity War and Captain America: Civil War. If you remember the plot of Civil War, you must know that it was set in the time when the Avengers were divided among two groups.


Black Widow: What happens in the movie?

The movie takes us back into the events which took place in the year 2017. Here we can see Natasha all cooped up in a safe house. She is here but Yelena has gone out on a mission. On the mission, she comes into contact with some sort of red gas which gives her the right of free will.

She gets to learn that Natasha is in the Avengers and send the vials over to her. Natasha runs off to Budapest where they both engage in a confrontation but decide to settle things. This is the start of the movie.

Black Widow: Ending Explained

The most important of all the is the post credit scene of the movie. Here is where we see Yelena in the future. She is walking around her own tombstone and comes to pay her respects over there. We are able to notice that she has a dog with her meaning that she is giving a try at having a normal life.

But, then we see Valentina giving her the new target. This can only mean that she has been working with Valentina for a long time now.

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