blacklist season 8:will red reevaluate his underworld emire? and rethink his heritage

The Blacklist Season 8
The Blacklist Season 8

Blacklist season 8 – After completing its seventh season successfully we can’t wait for the renewal of the show. Our happiness literally had no bounds when we got the news of the renewal of the show. The Blacklist.


In the last episode of the eights season itself they gave the hint of the renewal of the show when the protagonist of the show says that the entire world is dark. This very clearly symbolised that there will be a next season which is going to be darker and deeper than before. As a result of his resentful health, he will re-evaluate his underworld empire, and Red may need to rethink his heritage. From now on, the future depends on Liz on The Blacklist.


We can expect multiple cast members to reprise their roles from the eight seasons. The list of the reprising members include:

  • James Spader as Raymond “Red” Reddington
  • Megan Boone as Elizabeth “Liz” Keen
  • Diego Klattenhoff as Donald Ressler
  • Harry Lennix as Harold Cooper
  • Amir Arison as Aram Mojtabai
  • Hisham Tawfiq as Dembe Zuma.

At the moment, no signings have been announced officially.


Blacklist season 8  – The plot of the show has not been revealed and all the characters also seem to be tight lipped on it. And at this moment we can’t really predict as to what is going to happen.

All we know is that Red’s life is going to be more adventurous and dense with him being re-evaluating his underworld empire and facing the consequences of his wealth in all forms. He is going to land himself into trouble and he might want to rethink about his heritage.

We will have to wait for the trailer to release in order to tell u more about the insights of the plot in the coming season.

NBC renewed for an eighth installment in the series. After Spader’s contract had expired at the close of the year, There has been no problem with the continuation.

The series is expected to release episodes. The very first season of season 7 has been released in April 2020 in October 2019 and year 2.


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