BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky: Netflix’s first K-Pop documentary to premiere on October 14

BLACKPINK Light Up The Sky

BLACKPINK Light Up The Sky: Blackpink has been a very famous South Korean Girl Band including four members who are Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé as well as Lisa. They achieved a lot of popularity and fame after grabbing the position of being the first-ever Girl Band Of South Korea who had performed on the platform of Coachella in 2019, last year. They also came in the public eye after having a collaborative song with the famous singer Selena Gomez for the song Ice cream.
Now Netflix is all set to make a documentary film on the lives of this famous South Korean girl band. Read below the post for more information on it


BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky: What It Is All About?

BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky will be the first brand new Korean documentary made through Netflix. The Documentary film will focus on the various footage and behind the scenes of this girl band. Along with that, it will also feature their journey and all the obstacles and lows and high they faced during their journey for the fame they got. The  film will also feature their very popular and life-changing performance at Coachella



BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky: What Will Be The Release Date?

The documentary will be aired on 14th October 2020 on the Netflix platform.

BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky: Creator Details

The film is made through the efforts and direction of Caroline Suh. She had earlier directed one more documentary for Netflix which was Salt Fat Acid Heat, She directed the film along with the production of Cara Mones.

BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky: What Was The Reaction Of The Band?

Talking about the documentary film on their lives and journey to this fame
The group members of the girl band Blackpink stated that they are eagerly waiting for sharing their story with all their fans all over the world through the platform of Netflix
They further stated that they hope that their documentary will make their fans happy and shine to see their four years journey in a film.

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