BLACKPINK: LIGHT UP THE SKY: Official Trailer has been released for Netflix

Blackpink: light up the sky netflix

Blackpink: Light up the sky is a Netflix original film. It is a music and documentary film of the girl band Blackpink. They will describe their story and everything in it. It will describe their hard life and how they followed their dreams and fought for it.


The official trailer is out

Netflix released an official trailer for Blackpink: light up the sky on 5th October 2020 i.e. Monday. It was all of a surprise for everyone when Netflix dropped the trailer.


The movie is directed by Caroline Suh. The movie details about the K- pop girl’s group rises fame. It will follow their trainee days in Seoul and everything till the making of an amazing history-making performance at Coachella in 2019 spring. Also, there will be behind the scenes of these that are never seen by anyone. And also an interview with each of them.

Rose says in the trailer, that they grew into something that wasn’t even possible. While Jennie said K- pop is all because of those trainee days we spent in Seoul.


What is in the Trailer?

The trailer shows the other girls also look back on their grueling pre-fame days before making the group, with Lisa pointing out that “everything was ‘competition’ at that time” in their life. Apart from these Jisso questions whether She wants to give up or continue. As the training is very demanding and she rather gives up.

The trailer gives fans a look at the group’s road to the Coachella stage as well, as Jennie asks, “Who would have imagined thousands of people singing in Korean?”

Elsewhere, the clip features sit-down interviews with producer and songwriter Teddy Park, who’s responsible for crafting the vast majority of Blackpink’s hits, from “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du” and “Kill This Love” to five of the eight tracks on their recently-released debut LP, The Album.


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