Blazing Samurai- Has the production started? When will fans be able to see it?

Blazing Samurai is the forthcoming action, adventure, computer-animated American film. The movie is based on Blazing Saddles by Mel Brooks produced by Yair Landua, Susan Purcell, and Rob Minkoff. The film is directed by Chris Bailey and written by Nate Hopper and Ed Stone.


Release Date: Blazing Samurai:


Currently, the movie is being filmed but since the pandemic hits the world. The filming of shows and movies have been hampered. So far, there is no update regarding when the movie will hit the big screen since the filming hasn’t started yet. However, it is anticipated that Blazing Samurai is likely to release in summer 2021.


Cast: Blazing Samurai:

The production house has already announced the names of several characters with their roles. The following characters will be seen in the movie:

Michael Cera as Hank
Samuel L. Jackson as Jimbo
Ricky Gervais as Ika Chu
Heavenly Joy Jerkins as Emiko
Djimon Hounsou as Sumo
Mel Brooks as Shogun
George Takei as Ohga
Gabriel Iglesias as Chuck
Michelle Yeoh as Yuki
Aasif Mandvi as Ichiro
Sandra Tsing Loh as Little Mama

Apart from the above-mentioned characters, John Flanagan will also be present in the film. However, the role of Flanagan is yet to be declared by the casting crew.

Expected Synopsis: Blazing Samurai:

The basic story revolves around the dreamer dog named Hank he stands of becoming a Samurai one day. To fulfill his dream Hank lands in a town captured by very odd cats. Throughout the movie, we will see Hank as a good dog but in his journey to becoming Samurai, he meets a bad cat, Ika Chu. In the town of Kakamucho, this cat tries to put barriers for Hank in becoming a Samurai. But he meets Jimbo who is already a Samurai of the town. Jimbo takes Hank under his guidance and teaches him what Samurai really means.

In the film, we will see Hank and Jimbo going on a journey to save the town from the evil cat Ika Chu. They save the town and Hank learns what a true Samurai is like depicting the real bond between a cat and a dog.

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