Blood and Treasure Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot and More Information

Blood and Treasure Season 2: What is this season about? You all may be thinking of. So , This season will reveal all the mysteries which were left unrevealed in the previous season. At the end of the last season, the Queen was back in the 11th episode, which generated new danger threats. It will focus on the nature of Denny. Season 1 was high ratings and love by the audience for its different and mind blowing storyline. The whole story of this sequel goes around prominent antique experts and wily who is an art thief. He left his team in search of a ruthless terrorist who stole his worthy treasure. On that particular trip, they encountered a 2000 years old battle that had fought for the cradle of civilization. Now, the fantastic twist and turns will be faced Danny in his life, the story’s protagonist because of a former FBI agent.


It will make this story much more interesting. So it’ll be new to see the extended story of season 1 where the makers will put a lot more focus on the Queen’s returning again. After the release of the official trailer , we’ll get back to you with much more excited information.



Blood and Treasure was in front of audience on 21 May 2019 and got a high number of fans within 12 episodes. CBS renewed Blood, and Treasure for the 2nd instalment on 26 June 2019.Although there is no official date revealed by the makers, but we can still make assumptions. Fans need to wait for a span of few months, and CBS will prize them with the release of Blood and Treasure Season 2 in 2021 as soon as possible.

Blood and Treasure Season 2


Till now there is no official information about the cast members in this upcoming season of Blood and Treasure, it can be predicted that the same star cast of season 1 will be going to reprise their roles. They again stunned audience by their awesome performance. As the story will be continued in next season, some characters will remain same as they were earlier. Here is a list of cast members of Blood and Treasure season 2:

  • Sofia Pernas playing Lexi Waziri
  • Katia Winter playing Gwen Karlsson
  • Mark Gagliardi playing Father Chuck
  • Alicia Coppola playing Anna Castillo
  • James Callis playing Simon Hardwick


Except for the promised thrill and adventure, we will get crisp of romance in the upcoming season of Blood and Treasure. The thief- police duo is in Egypt to venture the mysterious tomb of Cleopatra. We are sure that Lexi will forgive Danny for all past events which explain the coming romance to an extent.

This is all about the BLOOD AND TREASURE SEASON 2.

Hoping for it to come soon!!


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