Blue bloods Season 11: everything you need to know!

Blue bloods Season 11: Yet another season of the fantastic crime thriller drama- Blue Bloods is on its green light to start production.  It has aired 10 seasons till now and has 218 episodes in all. The series has a well built viewership and is rated 9.98/10 on Rotten Tomatoes. This mystery is a creation of Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess.


The story is about a family who are involved in law enforcement. The main story revolves around a murder. The investigation of the murder brings more mystery and curiosity.


During the Blue Bloods Season 10 “Family secrets”-the finale, there was a major plot twist when a new member was introduced. Joe Hill was revealed as the grandson of police commissioner Frank Reagan.

Blue Bloods Season 11- storyline

From the synopsis of season header released by CBS, the show will address frontline topics like police brutality and novel coronavirus pandemic.

In “Triumph over Trauma”, Danny and Baez go missing while searching for a killer. Jamie and Joe work together to track down the missing detectives.

How twisting would it be for this show to lose 2 main cast members right when season 11 kicks off?

It notes the return of Whoopi Goldberg as Regina Thomas, whose presence will be used to address police brutality. Plus, Eddie helps a woman find her father’s body after it went missing due to the pandemic.

Blue bloods Season 11

One Reagan is in serious trouble in Season 11.

Stay tuned to find out what mystery unfolds!

Blue Bloods season 11: when will it air?

The procedural drama series last aired it’s 10th season in september 2019 and wrapped up in may 2020.

The network established that Covid delays have led to shortened seasons. Blue Bloods will kick off Season 11 on CBS by mid 2021, it will run for 16-18 episodes.

Cast details of the new season

  • Danny Reagan

  • ADA Erin Reagan

  • Detective Jackie

  • Nicole

  • Jamie Reagan

  • Henry Reagan

  • Frank Reagan

  • Joe hill

  • Eddie Reagan


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