Bob’s Burger Season 11 Episode 13 Release Date, Cast, Trailer and Check The All Updates

Bob's Burger

Bob’s Burger Season 11 Episode 13 will be releasing on February 7, 2021, on the Fox TV network. The title of episode 13 is “Romancing The Beef”, the official synopsis of the episode suggests that a war is coming up for Valentine’s Day. So here it is, Louise talks to her parents and tries to convince them to come to the bank on the coming Valentine’s Day. Even if it means putting this special day on the line, Louise is still going all out for it.

Bob's Burger
BOB’S BURGERS: The Belchers cater their first wedding. When things donÕt go as planned, Linda tries to save the day in ÒSomething Old, Something New, Something Bob Caters for You,Ó Part Two of the season finale of BOBÕS BURGERS airing Sunday, May 20 (9:30-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. BOB’S BURGERSª and © 2018 TCFFC ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. CR: FOX

It would be fun to see what extent Louise goes with the Valentine plan. The question remains that will Bob and Linda accept his request. Especially Linda, who is stubborn and won’t let her Valentine’s day go off easily.


Bob’s Burger Season 11 Episode 13 Cast

  • H. Jon Benjamin as Bob Belcher (voice)
  • Dan Mintz as  Tina Belcher (voice)
  • Eugene Mirman as Gene Belcher (voice)
  • Larry Murphy as Teddy (voice)
  • John Roberts as Linda Belcher (voice)
  • Kristen Schaal as Louise Belcher (voice)
  • Brooke Dillman as Brake Pads (voice)
  • Jon Glaser as Tape (voice)
  • Andy Kindler as Mort (voice)
  • Jack McBrayer as Squeeze Ball

Preview and Spoilers: Bob’s Burger Season 11 Episode 13

Linda bent on taking her whole family for a Christmas family photo. That’s what has been going on in Bob’s Burger lately. The animated series has been on quite a run. Created by Loren Bouchard, it has covered 10 successful seasons. The animated sitcom is currently on its 11th consecutive seasons, covering 12 episodes so far with three more episodes arriving soon.

Season 11 E13 summary

While on a family trip to the flea market, Bob and Linda are haunted by a lie they told Tina, Gene, and Louise about what really happened to their beloved stuffed animal, Wheelie Mammoth.


The park ranger gives the family warnings to leave the place as it’s about tonight. But Linda states she won’t leave without the camera and photo. She shares a sad story of how the cards will not come to them or if someday the world vanishes and aliens see this photo of theirs. The story breaks the family and the park ranger down, they agree to help. With everyone pulling her apart, Linda manages to free herself with the camera in her hand.

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