Bonding Season 2 When Will It Release? What Is The Cast? And Many more Information

Bonding netflix

Season 2: Bonding is a dark comedy series of America. It was released back in April 2019 on Netflix. It is based on the life experience of Rightor Doyle. The show stars Brendan Scannell, Theo Stockman, Zoe Levin, and D’Arcy Carden. Here are all the updates regarding the renewal; status, Cast, release date, and much more.


Renewal Status

As for the renewal status, the makers have already renewed it back in January 2020. After a few months of the release of Season 1.


Release Date

The Bonding Season 2 is all set to make a release on 27th January 2021 on Netflix.

Cast Members

The main lead Tiff. The role is played by Zoe Levin. And she will be going to reoccur in season 2. Tiff is a psychology student who works at night as a dominatrix with the name “Mistress May”.Apart from her, Brendan Scannell will return to play the role of Peter Davin. Peter is gay and works as an assistant to Tiff.

The supporting characters are:

  • Micah Stock as Doug
  • Tiff’s psychology classmate
  • Stephen Reich as Trevor
  • Matthew Wilkas as Rolph

Bonding Season 2


The plot revolves around the adventurous life of Tiffany- Tiff Chester and Pete Devin. Tiffany is a psychology student. And she has a dominant role in BDSM activities. Pete is a gay boy and because of financial conditions works for Tiffany as an Assistant. Tiff is having a hard time balancing her two lives. And on the other hand, Pete experiences BDSM and Sadomasochism which helps him in further ways.

Now we don’t know where the story will take in Season 2. But we have really high hopes from Season 2. So fingers crossed not to disappoint us.


The official trailer of Season 2 Bonding is released. You can check it out on the official youtube channel of Bonding. And season 2 will be out soon so don’t miss that out.


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