Borderlands 3’s Bounty of Blood DLC is introducing new features

When Bounty of Blood was first revealed by Borderlands 3, the third upcoming DLC it came with some new surprising amount of features. These features include, but are not limited to, a brand new planet, a new vehicle, a story unlike the Mad Moxxi’s Heist or Guns, Love and Tentacles and many more. There is much more such information, but all there is something that the players will have to keep an eye one.


This Borderlands 3 DLC seems to be different from the other DLCs. It follows the genre of the movie pattern of the DLC thus far, which seems like it will not be featuring returning Vault Hunter as NPC instead of coming up with a completely brand new set of characters to interact with. However, this doesn’t seem to end there, the world-building will also be taking a turn.


 Borderlands 3 Bounty of Blood: The Town of Vestige

As per the official website of Borderlands 3, the players will be able to save the town where you will be completing a new story and all the side missions on Gehenna, your actions will be having a lasting an impact on the livelihood of the locals and on the town of Vestige itself.

Borderlands 3

All the three: The New Haven, Sanctuary and the Sanctuary III are static environments which won’t really alter. Beginning with the Bounty of Blood DLC seems to be a great move forward with the franchise.

The Bounty of Blood seems to be the odd man out of the DLCs.  This might be just an experiment that won’t amount much, but it’s something about which the franchise should think and move forward with. It will, however going to be interesting to see Sanctuary 4 in Borderlands 4- in the distant future- come to life based on the decision of the players.

Borderlands is playable on PS4 Xbox One, Stadia and PC.


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