Boris Johnson: Net Worth of UK Prime Minister

We always take the time to write about the life and net worth of popular celebrities. But, this time we are going to talk about Boris Johnson. We have seldom talked about the net worth of political personalities. So, stick on to find out how much is the UK PM Worth.


UK has been experiencing the third wave of COVID recently. It was revealed that the health secretary of the country had contracted the virus. This had prompted the PM to also isolate himself. Now, Boris is the PM whose career has been fraught with criticism. He took the control of the country after extensively campaigning for its exit from the European Union. The country decided in 2016 and decided to exit from the Union and the then Prime Minister quit following this vote.


Boris has been accused of several things over the years. And yes he has supporters all over the country. We have to say that there is virtually no politician in the world who does not have critiques. So, let us find out about the journey of Boris Johnson.

Boris Johnson: Political Career and Personal Life

Many people do not know this but Boris was born in New York. But, most of his life was spent moving from one place to another. Hence, he has lived in America and also in the UK.

His education has been an elite one where he has studied in Eton College and also went to Oxford. He started working for the Conservative Party and also got elected as its vice chairman. After he also served as the Mayor of London. Boris became the PM of UK after Theresa May quit.

Boris Johnson: Net Worth

Mr. Johnson has an estimated net worth of about $4 million. This is primarily due to his salary as a Member of Parliament and also him serving as the PM.

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