Brand New Animal Season 2- what happened in the previous season? How did it end?

Brand New Animal Season-2

Brand New Animal Season 2 – Are you also waiting for your favourite series BNA new season?? Here it’s coming back again. You must know all the details about this series first!!


One of the few anime shows, Brand New Animal that has not been adapted from a manga series. It has been directed by Yoh Yoshinari and produced by Studio Tigger.


What happened in the previous season? How did it end?

The ending of Brand New Animal Season 1 had one loose end. We saw Michru and Nazuna’s condition unresolved. The cure for Although, turning Michiru back into a human has still not been found. And Sylvasta Pharmaceuticals has still not figured how to transform humans into super Beastmen.

Unfortunately, the plot has not been adapted from anywhere. It’s their own creation and giving the makers the space to divert the plotline into any direction as they please. For season two to explore,the story of Michiru and Nazuna gives a chance.

Further, Shirou comes to Michiru’s rescue and they fight again. Then, Alan is afflicted by the rampant syndrome, which surprises him. After that Shirou threatens to kill him and Alan tells him to save him. By seeing this, Shirou shows some mercy.

Brand New Animal Season 2

As the serum is disturbed, the city slowly turns back to normal. In the last chapter, Episode 12, ended with a great finale that brings plenty of action. Not only this, it also brings an education regarding the differences between two different cultures.

Brand New Animal Season 2: Release date

The anime will return, but we have no official confirmation.we have no indication as to when season 2 could release.

On one hand, Anime Expo was announced in July 2019 by the anime. It indicated that we could see season season drop as soon as early-2021. Although, there may be production delays as of coronavirus pandemic, meaning a more realistic prediction would be mid-2021. Till then wait for it and get excited!!

Brand New Animal Season 2: Cast

The characters of this anime series are animated and have been voiced over. The characters include:

  • Michiru Kagemori voiced by Sumire Morohoshi
  • Shirou Ogami voiced by Yoshimasa Hosoya
  • Nazuna Hiwatashi voiced by Maria Naganawa
  • Alan Sylvasta voiced by Kaito Ishikawa
  • Barbaray Rose voiced by Gara Takashima
  • Marie Itami voiced by Michiyo Murase
  • Koichi Ishizaki voiced by Kenji Nomura
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