Brand new trailer of mortal shell first gameplay

Mortal Shell

The first gameplay trailer of the Mortal Shell has rolled out and it looks too much like a From Software game- especially Dark Souls and Sekiro which depends on what you are focusing! The aesthetic or the nuances of combat. However, some elements are still there which will help you differentiate from the games by From Software.


In the trailer linked below you will be able to observe that how Mortal Shell features multiple “shells” that changes your style of fighting. You can also get a good glance at the look of the enemies’ design which are a mixture of humans, monster and things in-between.


The game can be observed to skew in a distinct direction with some of these designs—observe the bondage gear worn by some of the enemies and the rags that are worn by the others.

Mortal Shell- Gameplay Trailer| PS4

The game Mortal Shell will land on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC later this year. PS5 and Xbox Series X versions have not been announced yet, however, it is said that the game will be compatible on both the consoles and Sony is looking forward to transport all the game from PS4 that will be compatible on the PS5 too.

Mortal Shell will be playable on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The game will be launched this year. The versions of the next-Gen consoles have not been announced yet, but will be compatible for them.


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