Brandon Flynn ‘s character Justin Floey steals hearts.

Brandon Flynn has won hearts with his performance in 13 Reasons Why finale.
13 Reasons Why is an American teen drama streaming on Netflix It is related to mystery, thrill and teenage drama. Brian Yorkey is the developer of the show. The show aired on March 31, 2017.

Brandon Flynn played the character of Justin Foley in the series- 13 Reasons Why. He steals everyone’s hearts with his mind-blowing performance in the season finale.

Brandon Flynn was introduced in Brain dead television series playing the role of Mike in 2016
13 Reasons Why revolves around a girl named Hannah who took her own life. Later Hannah’s classmate – Clay, who had a crush on Hannah founds a mysterious box. Inside the box, there were the recording made by Hannah before her death about 13 reasons why she commits suicide. The series is filled with twists and turns.
Brandon Flynn
Season 4 concludes with the unpredictable death of a beloved character Justin Floey.
Justin Floey is a short-tempered and irrational boy. He appears rude but is soft-hearted to the people he loves. The boy¬† Brandon Flynn comes from an abusive family. He had never seen his father. when he was 5 years old, he was molested by his mother’s in a relationship with Jessica. He also humiliates Hannah. Later on Clay’s parents adopted him and he lives with them at their house.
Justin had bad addictions. He falls at prom, he was diagnosed with AIDS from his drug use and prostitution. He dies because of getting treatment on time. His funeral scene was so emotional and brings tears in viewers eyes.
Fans are devastated with his death. But the love for Justin’s character will remain same.