Breaking bad Star, Esposito hints that he may be acting in a game soon

Giancarlo Esposito – Well, Celebrities appearing in the video games are not a new thing. For example, Keanu Reeves. Well, now it seems that another high profile name is going to be featured in one of the most anticipated gaming series. Giancarlo Esposito, in an interview with Collider claimed that he has been working for a video game actually a “secret” video game.


However, the actor is not new to the gaming world. He previously gave his voice and portrayed “The Dentist” in Payday 2.


What might be the “Secret Game” that Giancarlo Esposito mentioned?

As the reporters from the Gamereactor say, the game can be nothing other than Far Cry 6. The actor said that the game used some sort of special technology which required a new style of acting. He further said that the game will be huge.


Why Far Cry?

Giancarlo can take off a negative role without giving out sweat. When speaking about Far Cry, the antagonists are one of the huge selling points. All the titles have some of the most compelling villains. Esposito can be the next in the line for the same. It was also rumored previously that Far Cry 6 is going to feature a North American location. Perhaps, a character like Gus Fring from Breaking Bad can be an eye-catching enough for the game?

Ubisoft Forward

It has been already announced on 12th July, 2020 about Ubisoft Forward. The company is completely set to host its first digital conference. The news was officially announced on the official blog of Ubisoft.

Will Esposito play the role of the big villain in Far Cry 6? Or will he be slated for any other role? Well, no one knows and we will come to know that with time.


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