Bridgerton Season 2: Shooting shut again due to coronavirus case

Everyone has come to love the new Regency era drama by Netflix known as Bridgerton. The first season of the show got a lot of attention. But ever since the first season had ended, fans were quick to ask when the second season of the show was dropping. Netflix had clarified that the second season of the show was in production. Then, the shooting for the second season got delayed due to one corona case. So, when the things got a little better, they decided to start shooting again. But, it seems that the shooting has again come to a halt. Read on to find out more about it.


This time another COVID seems to be the problem and it has forced the producers to shut down the shooting of the show. Various outlets went to Netflix to ask what has been happening. They have responded back by saying that the production has halted for an indefinite period of time. This is due to the fact that the number of Delta variant cases around the UK have been rising.


Bridgerton Season 2: Who got the virus?

When the news of this delay got out, naturally people wanted to know about the person who had contracted the virus due to which the production had been halted. But, Netflix has denied to revealing any information as to the person who got the virus. They have not even clarified whether it is a member of the cast or a crew member.

Though the streamer and the producers have clarified that the person is now under isolation. The things which have been happening in the Bridgerton is nothing but a stark reminder. It is a reminder that the producers have to be proactive as the new variant is finding ways to spread faster through a population.

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