Brie Larson reveals she almost said no to playing Captain Marvel. Know why.

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is the first movie in the Marvel Universe with a female superhero as the pivotal character. This 2019 film starred Oscar-winning actress Brie Larson on-screen and Anna Boden working as co-director and writer working behind the camera. This film broke the pattern in the Marvel Studios which were for a long period of time male-driven.


The film went on to earn one billion dollars in revenue at the box office. So you would be surprised to know that Brie Larson initially rejected the coveted role of Captain Marvel.


On the recent videos posted on Youtube, the actress reveals that when the makers first offered the role to be Carol Danvers she said no a couple of times.

 The reason that Brie Larson refused the offer.

She thought the role would be too much to handle. Being the first woman to become to play the lead role in Marvel is of course can be daunting. She mentioned that she was also working on Kong: Skull Island and it was hard to work on different projects together as she likes to focus on one thing at a time.

The main reason she refused to play that is that she got anxious. The makers called her two times and she said no twice. Brie Larson said that she was too much of an introvert and would not be able to play the part

On the third call, she finally said yes to the role. The producers talk about feminism, and how this movie will part in it inspired her to face her fears and finally said yes to the play the part of Captain Marvel.

Watch her Youtube video down below.

Besides this, the actress candidly spoke about the auditions from which she got rejected including Iron Man and Thor.

In conclusion, it’s a great thing that Brie Larson accepted to play Captain Marvel as we all loved the character that portrayed in a brilliant manner.


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