Brie Larson Wants To See More Female Heroes In The MCU

Female Heroes MCU

In the history of MCU franchise, Captain Marvel was highly acclaimed for being the first MCU film to feature a main female character in the lead role. It was appreciated by fans worldwide, however they felt that, it came too late in the world of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Undoubtedly, major heroines have shared screen in MCU, such as Avengers : Endgame’s A force like team up moment but we feel there’s still room for more and Brie Larson feels the same.

Everything you need to know about Brie Larson’s campaign,wanting to see more female leads in MCU!

According to the sources, the actress of Carol Danvers has started a campaign to remarkably add up the number of female super heroes, which they have in MCU. The actress is more specifically trying to get more female leads to feature along with her in the impending film Captain Marvel 2. However, this is something she firmly feels about MCU in the general sense.

Brie Larson

As per the reports, most of Brie Larson’s female costars would probably support her campaign as numerous actresses who appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have stated that they would love to be a part of an A- Force film or anything which is mainly focused on women of Marvel, while leaving the men aside for a revolutionary change. To be more precise, Brie Larson reportedly wants more heroines in the MCU in all the Avengers film.

Hence, we’re assuming Teyonah Paris who’s marking a debut in Wandavision to return in Captain Marvel 2 in the role of adult Monica Rambeau and she will become photon in the spin-off. If Brie Larson’s which is granted , we will see many heroines teaming up. And this would not be that difficult to  create as Carol has made a lot friends in the Endgame Of Avengers.


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