Brooklyn nine-nine season 8: Everything you need to know!

Brooklyn nine-nine is coming back with its 8 season. The news of its comeback was announced on the official Instagram account of the cast. The news wasn’t a surprise for the fans because of its impressive ratings.” The overall viewers of the last season was about 6.4 million”.


So, here’s everything you need to know about season 8.


Release Date:

It’s been confirmed that season 8 will arrive in 2021.

What will happen :

Season 8 will address the Black Lives Matter Movement. Although, viewers can also expect a significant character change for Jake as he deals with fatherhood, and tries not to disappoint Amy.

“It’s a very complex subject, but I think the police have to be portrayed much more practically, in terms of this: the convention… that police breaking the law is okay because in some way it’s in the service of some greater good, is a myth that needs to be destroyed,” Andre Braugher (Captain Raymond Holt) told Entertainment Weekly‘s The Awardist podcast.

“We’re going into an eighth season with a new challenge, which is that everyone’s thoughts and  feelings about police… have been extremely affected”, he added.


“So the Nine-Nine is going to have to deal with what we already know about the New York Police Department.”

And it’s not just the Black Lives Matter movement that’ll need to be integrated into season 8 – the worldwidecovid-19 pandemic will also need to be considered, with New York first responders at the frontline of the calamity.

But before we get too serious about the pandemic, there will be escapist elements to season eight. Jake and Amy’s child will also play a big role in season eight’s shenanigans.

“I think it’s a fascinating element to have both Jake and Amy be working people who have to figure out how to balance the career they love with being good parents.”

Cast: Who’s in it?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine stars Andy Samberg as immature police detective Jake Peralta, alongside a superb group including Melissa Fumero (Amy Santiago), Stephanie Beatriz (Rosa Diaz), Terry Crews (Terry Jeffords)  and Andre Braugher as the intimidating Captain Holt.

If you were missing Chelsea Peretti in season seven, don’t worry. Season eight’s going to fix that.

Trailer: When will it drop?

No trailer yet, and don’t expect to see one for a while.

In the meantime, you can comfort yourself by watching every episode that Netflix has to offer.


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