Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 8, how Amy and Jake to balance their life between the work and their baby?

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” – a comedy show running for the last seven seasons

Its seventh season – episode 13, titled “Lights Out” . Jake (Andy Samberg) and Amy (Melissa Fumero) became parents. And Holt (Andre Braugher)went to a place as the squad’s captain. There’s a heist who put the others to shame with its scope.


We’ve seen them balance their professional and personal lives many times. Amy even managed to keep things under control.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8

How Amy and Jake to balance their life and baby?

In the upcoming period, the fans will observe-how Amy and Jake try to balance between the work and their baby.

The idea of having the first child came up during the season premiere,“Manhunter”. When Amy had her pregnancy scare, fitting place for the season to leave off. We’ve only seen her get to lead so many times. So watching Amy step up and direct the entire precinct is a real treat.

It is also so special to watch Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz) take care of Amy. Amy confided about the pregnancy scare only to her. She’s here for her in the home stretch. The show focused on Jake and Amy as a couple. This is strong reminder-how integral Rosa and Amy’s friendship and continues to be.

Know what Goor recently talked about Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 8?

Recently, Goor talked – “how they would incorporate the upcoming season. They also try to incorporate current struggles faced by New York City Police.”

Goor’s main focus is on  – “how they balance the funny part by keeping the characters real”. He also told – “how people getting happy watching the show in tough time. They already started thinking and working on the next season”. While watching the upcoming season, the audience will have a lot of laughs.

The season will released in the next year. Main focus is on developing the story and characters of the next season. They have to think much on how virus affected and keep it funny and basic. We hope soon, the situation world-wide gets better. So that everyone start their work where they left.

We think it’s going to create  absolutuly  comedy gold.


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