BTS will be appearing on ‘The Tonight Show’ for a whole week

The infamous American talk-show hosted by actor and comedian Jimmy Fallon confirmed that BTS will appear on it. The confirmation also revealed that the South Korean boy band will appear on the talk show for a whole week. The forty six year old host said he is glad to welcome them again on his show.



The band will appear on the show starting from twenty eight of this month, that is September. The band mainly known for K-pop and hip-hop  genre, will perform virtually. There will surely also be comedy and interview of the members of band.


The new season of the talk show is looking for some excitement and this invitation to the band, will surely make the fans happy.


During the show, the band will also perform their latest release of ‘dynamite’ which was an English song. This song made its debut in the last month, that is August on twenty first. It broke all records soon after the release.


The band reached the first position in the billboard chart which lists hundred hot hits. And by this it became the first international and Korean band to do so.


There are a total of seven members in this Korean band. They are Jin, who has been part of band since last seven years. He is a singer as well as a song writer. Other members are Suga, RM and J-Hope who are all rappers.  They are also write songs and record producers too. Jimin the next member, apart from being a singer, he is also a dancer.

Last two members are V and Jungkook. These are the stage names of the members. The lyrics of the songs of the band are quite personal and deal with issues like mental health and learning to love oneself too.


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