Bugsnax director says BioShock served as an inspiration!


Kevin Zuhn, the game director of Bugsnax has unveiled that his new game has taken the inspiration from the Irrational Games’. They critically acclaimed the BioShock, specially the gameplay has opposed to the narrative.


BioShock Inspired Bugsnax

Zuhn also came up with the other inspirations for the upcoming PS5, PS4 and the PC titles. This consists of Dark Cloud which is one of the favourite PS2 titles among the fans. The title was developed by Level-5 back in the year 2000 which means almost 20 years ago.


Here is the Announcement Trailer of Bugnax.

The Plot – Bugsnax

The players will have to travel to strange locations. You will have to take the control of this charismatic leader character. Bioshock has a lot of setting traps that are there mechanically. Also, they offer different characters for playing off of each other. The game consists of a very reactive and explorable world.

Dark Cloud had a town structure. You had to collect the villagers who were lost to your central town. Therefore, the game doesn’t seem to be much similar to Dark Cloud.

Saying that Bugnax gets a lot of inspiration from BioShock that doesn’t conclude with the fact that you will be facing the creepy environment that you saw in BioShock. Still, the connention of Bugsnax with the game remains a weird one.

From the set-up perspective the connection can be considered.  The gameplay is also unknown, so anything is possible as the fans have not seen anything about the game since the original reveal in the early June.

Bugnax is slated to launch in Holiday 2020.


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