Call of Duty has made Nuke trend on Twitter!

Call of Duty

The word “Nuke” is on trend on Twitter all thanks to the players of the Call of Duty as a response to a very recent FaZe Clan poll. The poll asked the players about the most satisfying outcomes out of the four in order to achieve. After this trend that most of the fans agree on Modern Warfare’s nuke taking the reward.


The Tactical Nuke originated in Modern Warfare 2 where the players of Call of Duty could make use of it after achieving a 25 kill kill-streak to win the game instantly. However, it makes its return to the game with a 30 kill streak requirement is just glorious. The Players who managed to get this crazy kill streak will be able to win the match for their team.


The victory royale screen of Fortnite and that of Valorant and Warzone were the other options to choose from when some did choose these. The overall majority was gained by nuke at the end. This makes sense as nuke is the most challenging is literally crazy.

Here is the Tweet: Call of Duty

Despite of the difficulty and challenging nature of Nuke there are some crazy videos of the players gaining Modern Warfare nukes quickly and too roughly eliminating the opposition. However, for an average player this challenge might be out of his reach.

The PC version of the game is 45 GB, whereas the PlayStation 4’s is 32.375 GB and the Xbox version was supposed to be 44 GB which turned out to be 84GB originally as revealed by a Tweet.

Call of Duty Modern warfare is now playable on PC, PS4 and the Xbox One.


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