Cameron Diaz to portray Villain Role in the MCU

The casting team of Marvel Studios has worked really hard to find the eligible actors for the roles. According to the recent reports, it is predicted that Cameron Diaz will be playing the villain role in MCU.


The sources which are almost close to WGTC- and who have previously informed us about the villain role of Taskmaster in the Black Widow and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier will get delayed. This news by the source was true and now they have revealed the role of Cameron Diaz, who has worked in Charlie’s Angels and Being John Malkovich will be portrayed as a villain in MCU.


What exactly would be the role of Cameron Diaz in MCU?

Well, the reports tell that Cameron will be seen as the Mistress Death of Thanos. Thanos is the evil character in the MCU films played by Josh Brolin and Mistress Death is his love interest.
The idea of Cameron’s character is derived from the comic book. Mistress Death is also known as Death and Lady Death first appeared in Marvel comics is a fictional evil character.
We can see the Death of Lady Death in the MCU film whose character will be painted as the depiction of death.


Did Mistress Death appear in any MCU movie yet?

So far, the character of Lady Death is not seen in any of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s movies. The co-creator of Mad Titan, Jim Starlin disclosed the news that this character does not hold much importance in the previous installments of MCU. However, now this character is very much needed in the upcoming film of Marvel.

He also disclosed that, “They told me early on that they didn’t feel like abstract entities were something that the movie-going audience was ready for. But with the next Dr. Strange movie, they’re stepping into that realm. So if there are more Thanos movies down the line, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Mistress Death showing up there.”

In the previous movies we saw, Thanos collecting infinity stones and killing almost half of the universe’s population. The basic idea behind doing this is to please Mistress Death. It would be quite interesting to see how the adjustments will be made in the upcoming movie to show the character of Mistress Death.

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