Candace Owens thinks Cardi B is an embarrassment to black community

On Sunday, Candace Owens took it to her social platform and posted a video of her appearance on The Ben Shapiro Show calling Cardi B an illiterate rapper who is an embarrassment to the black community.


This led to the war of words between the two on Instagram slamming each other with hate comments on the weekend. The quarrel between the two emerged with the post of 31-year-old, Candace Owens in which she said slammed Joe Biden for taking part in an interview with Cardi B. According to Owens, it was the biggest insult on the part of Black voters that Biden chose to interview the illiterate rapper (referring to Cardi B) rather than some intellectual person who could ask tough questions.


Candace Owens

Following this Cardi B got hold of the comments of Candace Owens and responded tot hem by uploading a clip on Instagram where she said that Joe Biden influenced her on sitting down for an interview because of B’s huge influence over people. She continued saying, ‘I have millions of followers. I pay millions in taxes. I have the Number One song in this country, I have the Number One song in the United Kingdom, I have the Number One song in Australia, I have the Number One song in New Zealand. ‘I can make millions of people go out and vote.’ Cardi B hit back at Candace saying that she hopes the number of followers Candace wanted to have by doing this, she would have got them. She insisted on telling her to leave her alone and love herself.

In reply to this Candace Owens posted another clip saying that Cardi B is hurting Black America. She said, no one cares about her songs being number one and also about her song about her ‘Wet A** P****’. She added her songs have nothing to do with Black America and that she is hurting them.

The war kept switching from Instagram to Twitter back an forth with both speaking about their contradicting political views.


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