Cannes Film Festival: Winners Announced

Cannes Film Festival is one of biggest film festivals that takes place around the world. It draws a lot of attention and celebrities. It tends to showcase movies from every major and minor movie industry in the world. There are always celebrities such as actors, directors who are seen walking the red carpet. And it seems that this year is no exception.


This is the 74th Cannes Film Festival taking place in France. In the previous year the festival got cancelled due to the COVID-19. Now that the situation is starting to improve and things are looking just a bit brighter, the organisers had decided to conduct the latest edition of it. And we have also managed to see some of the biggest names in the industry walking the red carpet this time around. Also, due to the fact that people have been sheltered in for the past year, it has been seen that a large number of tourists are also flocking to the scene.


74th Cannes Film Festival: Some of the notable winners

Before we move onto some of the winners this time around, it is time that we move to some main submissions that the festival saw this time around. One of the great submissions that we saw was Ryusuke Hamaguchi’s Drive My Car. Now, the plot of this film is somewhat interesting.

It tends to showcase an interesting drama about the revelations of life and secrets, which all tend to take place during a car ride. Now, the entire film is on the road and it is also the longest film in the competition currently.

Now, let us look at some of the winners:

  1. Best Actress – Renate Reinsve
  2. Jury Prize – Ahed’s Knee & Memoria (This was a tie)
  3. Best Actor – Caleb Landry Jones
  4. Camera d’Or – Murina
  5. Short Film D’Or – All The Crows In The World; August Sky (Special Mention)

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