Carmen Sandiego Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Much More!

Carmen Sandiego Season 3

Carmen Sandiego Season 3: Carmen Sandiego is an animated series with action and educational elements, and it is based on the franchise media of the same name which was created by Broderbund. The animation is already very popular among children and even adults, and since the show has tried to add educational aspects as well it has become more watch worthy among students.


The show has been directed by Jos Humphrey, composed by Lorenzo Castelli and Steve D’Angelo. The characters use the voices of the artists like Abby Trott, Michael Hawley, Gina Rodriguez, and also Finn Wolfhard.


Release Date Of Carmen Sandiego Season 3

The show was originally released in January eighteen 2019. It was issued that season three of the show which has it all, action, adventure, mystery, and is also educational will release on October first of this year.

Carmen Sandiego


The first scene in which Carmen is shown, she is receiving the education at the Isle of V.I.L.L.E., thus giving the show an educational background.

In the second season of the show, Carmen Sandiego,  the main character receives shocking news from Shadow-san who is voiced by Paul Nakauchi leading to the story of a third season. The story of a female main character and how she turns into a thief, has attracted a great audience. The new season of the show will reveal the background storytelling of the mystery of the protagonist’s mother and father.

In the previous seasons as Carmen learns that her mother’s alleged death was fake simply to protect her from Dexter’s actions. This season will also highlight issues like justice and revenge.

Although Netflix has not yet given any information if Carmen Sandiego will have a new series of episodes that will comprise the fourth season, we can hope that the show will not end in the third season and you will get to enjoy more of it.

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