Carson Kressley: Who Did He Choose On Celebrity Dating Show?

In this piece we are going to talk about Carson Kressley. But in order for this to make sense, we have to go where this story began. We have to get to the area of reality shows. Let me ask you all a question – do you all love TV shows where we get to see celebrities selecting their dates?


I think everyone can guess which TV show we are talking about. Yes, we are of course referring to the very famous Celebrity Dating Game Season 1. We have seen a load of our favourite celebs on this TV show. But, today we are just going to focus on Carson Kressley.


Carson Kressley: Who is he?
Firstly, let us tell you something that if you haven’t watched the second episode of the show, please refrain from reading further as there may be spoilers involved.
Now, people are saying that he’s the luckiest bachelor to be on the show.

He is principally an actor but is also a fashion designer and is a member of the LGBT community. You must remember him from the show which was known as Queer Eye back in the year 2003. But, without further adieu let us find out who this actor chose.

Carson Kressley: Who did he choose?
The choice that was given to Carson was between Jansen Shamp as well as Steven Martinez and Chuck Stanley. Now, let us be honest, we were all comfortable with the idea of him choosing Chuck Stanley.

This is because Carson was on one of his interviews, where he revealed that he wants to go to the game show. He said that he wants to do this because he wants to have a man.
But, at the end of the day, we are happy with the choice that Carson made.