CBS’s Evil will be coming to Netflix next monthNew lawsuit filed against

CBS’s Evil

Guess what is coming next on Netflix? CBS TV Studio has licensed the hit show the Evil to Netflix. Well, the CBS Hit Show will be coming next month, and here we have all the information regarding the new shows that will be streaming on Netflix.


It seems an unusual deal between the CBS Studio and Netflix, but as per the sources, the network Studios does not typically have an agreement with streamers like Netflix. But on Wednesday, it was revealed about the 1-year agreement. As per the reports with the new agreement which tries to draw a new audience and eventually goes back to the network Studio only.


Not just the evil will be streaming on Netflix but also The Unicorn, one of the new coming shows of CBS Studio, will be streaming on Netflix. Both of these series have just one season under their belt and another season coming soon so it would be catching for the subscriber of Netflix if they want something to binge-watch.

When can we stream it on Netflix?

From October 1, 2020, 20 to show will be on Netflix. So if you want to binge-watch something both evil and the Unicorn just have one season, and you can binge-watch it. According to some sources, season 2 for both these shows have given the green light. And after coming on Netflix, the chances for another season build-up.


About the Shows

Evil is a Supernatural drama show with 13 episodes in 2019. The story is about an unlikely team of a Catholic seminarian, a forensic psychologist, and a technology contractor—all of them are investigating for Supernatural case. There was supposed to be another season for the show, but due to coronavirus, the production is on hold right now.

The unicorn is a Sitcom show about a widowed father with daughters, who was pushed by his friend to re-enter in a dating scene. The unicorn has 18 episodes in the season and was renewed in Spring.

Both of these shows are available on CBS, and from October 1, 2020, they will be available on Netflix. This agreement will allow CBS to get more streamers through Netflix.


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