Chicago Med: Will there be a season 7?

Chicago Med

Chicago Med is one of the best medical dramas out there. The first season of the show aired in the year 2015. Since then, people have been wondering whether consecutive seasons will be dropping. The show has completed its sixth season on NBC and people have been asking whether we will be seeing the next season. Hence, continue reading this article to find out.


Some of the original crew members are no longer there on the show. But, that does not mean that all of our favourite characters have departed. The show is bound to return for the next season. Some of the stars which will be recurring in the next season will be Nick Gehlfuss, Oliver Platt, Marlyne Barrett, Dominic Rains, and Steven Weber. 


Chicago Med: Release Date and Cast

The first season of the show released in the year 2015. Since then people have been watching the show. After the first season ended, the show was renewed for another three seasons. But, it did not stop there. Now, we are this juncture where the show has had six season with the latest one ending sometime in November 2020.

So, will there be a new season of Chicago Med? Yes, the release date for the same is already out now. The new season will be premiering on NBC on 22nd September 2021.

As we said earlier some of cast of the show has left the show. But, it does not mean that the whole cast has undergone some shift. Some of the favourite characters will still be seen.

Plus, there is also some good news for the fans. They had fallen in love with the character played by Steven Weber. But, he did not have much of a role in the previous season. So, this time it has been revealed that the new season will have a larger role for him. This is because his character has gotten a promotion.