Chicago PD season 8; All updates!

Chicago PD season 8: The show has quite received the reputation of crime drama, with ratings of 8.1.


The show airs on NBC, Chicago Fire was a massive hit and now Chicago PD along with Chicago Justice and Chicago Med is the by-product of that show. All of the shows together are known as One Chicago.


It follows the personal and professional life of men and women of the Chicago Police department Intelligence unit. They combat heinous crimes like drug trafficking, murders etc.

The show is entirely filmed in Illinois city.

Last season received an abrupt end due to Covid and many questions were unanswered, all which resolve in season 8.

Chicago Pd season 8 release date

The show wrapped 3 episodes for the new season early before the lockdown. Production resumed in october.

The eight season for the show was ordered to release on 27 february,2020 but it got delayed due to the pandemic. The eight season premiered on November 11, 2020.

Chicago PD season 8

Chicago PD season 8 plot

The season 8 will continue from the ending of the last season.  The new season would feature Halstead and Upton’s romantic relationship, with a twist of some complications. Interesting happenings take place: Samatha Miller, strict follower of the rules and Voight who doesn’t care much. It was just the beginning of the fights between Atwater and Doyle’s friends! A lot is yet to come in season 8.

The showmakers said that their plan for the characters for season 7 were ruined because of early wrapping so now they will put those plans into action in season 8.

Chicago PD season 8 cast

The prominent characters have returned in the show. Antonio Dawson, Hank Voight, Jay Halstead, Kim Burgess, Hailey Upton and Adam Ruzek.

Nicole Ari Parker made an entry in the show as Superintendent Samatha Miller, she wants to help Voight achieve his goals, but she follows rules strictly.

Vanessa Rojas will not be returning this time.


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