Chicken Run 2 – When Will Fans Finally Be Able To See It? Tap To Know The Release Date, Cast, Plot, And More!!

Chicken Run 2 is an upcoming stop motion animated film that is produced by Aardman Animations in partnership with StudioCanal and Lionsgate. This film is a sequel to Chicken Run which was released in 2000.


Chicken Run 2 was confirmed back in 2018, but since then we didn’t hear much about its development. However, on 23 June 2020, which coincided with the 20th anniversary of the film, Netflix announced its partnership with Aardman for the sequel.


But when can we see it and who will be cast in it? Here’s what we know so far about Chicken Run 2.

Chicken Run 2: Release Date

The official announcement of its renewal didn’t give a release date for when the sequel would arrive on Netflix. Aardman Animations is officially working on this hit 2000 film.

Details are scarce at the moment, however, it is confirmed that the production is expected to start in 2021. Aardman Animations has reunited with Pathé and  StudioCanal, however, unlike the first film, Dreamworks Pictures won’t have any involvement in it.

Chicken Run 2 will be directed by Sam Fell, while Steve Pegram and Leyla Hobart will be producing. The original Chicken Run writers will be back for the sequel i.e. Karey Kirkpatrick and John O’Farrell.


Chicken Run 2: Cast Details

The confirmed cast of the sequel is yet to be disclosed. However, we do know from the plot that Ginger and Rocky will be back.

In the first movie, they were voiced by Julia Sawalha and Mel Gibson respectively. However, in the second run, Gibson won’t be reprising his role as Rocky. Also, Julia’s voice is being considered to sound too old. So Aardman intends to recast for that role.

Other possible cast members who’ll be joining the sequel are – Karl Wahlgren as Molly, Timothy Spall as Nick, Phil Daniels as Fetcher, Greg Salata as Fowler, Lynn Ferguson as Mac, Jane Horrocks as Babs, and Imelda Staunton as Bunty.

Chicken Run 2: Expected Plot

Along with the official announcement by Netflix, the official synopsis was also revealed. The plot will pick up after the events of the first film.

The film will center around Ginger, who now resides within a peaceful, human-free island sanctuary along with the whole flock. When Ginger and Rocky hatch a little girl named Molly, her happy ending seems to be complete.

A part of the official synopsis read – “back on the mainland, the whole of chicken-kind faces a new and terrible threat. For Ginger and her team, even if it means putting their own hard-won freedom at risk – this time, they’re breaking in.”

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