Chief Of Staff Season 3- Is it ready to make a comeback with another season? All latest updates

Chief Of Staff Season 3, Chief of staff is a south Korean series based on politics. The story revolves around Lee Jung Jae and Shin Min. The writer of this drama is Lee Dae. Ever since the release of its first season fans is falling for the series. They are eager for the third season to release soon.


Renewal status of Chief of staff season 3
The season has not been renewed yet. The global pandemic has already delayed the renewals and releases for films and series across the globe. It might be the reason for the delay in the renewal of the 3rd season.


The Cast of Chief of staff season 3
Hopefully, the previous stars are going to make their way to season 3 as well. In previous seasons we saw Jung Jin-youthful as Lee Seong-min, Kim Kap-soo as Song-Hee-Seop, Jung Woong-in as Oh Won-suk, I’m Won-hee as Go Seok-man, Jung Man-sik as Choi
Kyung-Chul, Park Hyo-Joo as Lee Ji-Eun, Jo Bok-Rae as Young Jong-yeol.
You might spot some new faces in the season but it’s not official till now.


Release date of Chief of staff season 3
No, there is no release date. The season has not even been renewed. The previous season released in November 2019. The finale for the same was out on 10th December 2019.
The first season premiered in June 2019.
We might have to wait a little longer for the makers to announce a release date for the 3rd season. The season is expected to release in 2021.

The Plot of Chief Of Staff season 3
There are no details about the plot. Although, it’s quite obvious that it’ll depict the political aspirations and the usual drama of politicians. The snakes and ladder of politics and the sugarcoated lies will make season 3 more appealing to the audience. Of course, it’ll have a whole lot of suspense and hidden truths behind the curtains.

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