Chief Of Staff Season 3 – Will Original Characters Reprise Their Roles? Can We Expect To See Some New Faces? Find Out Every Detail Here!!

With Shows Like Chief Of Staff Season 3, Netflix has been steadily upgrading the list of Korean dramas that are heavily influential. Comprising of engaging political thrillers and spy action series, K-dramas are becoming the go-to-destination to have a great time. One such show is Chief of Staff.


Chief Of Staff is a South Korean television series written by Lee Dae-il and directed by Kwak Jung-hwan. The first season aired from June 14 to July 13, 2019, on JTBC. While the second season aired from November 11 to December 10, 2019. Both seasons left a good impression on the viewers.


When Will Chief Of Staff Season 3 Release?

The last season of the show aired in 2019 with a total of ten episodes on Netflix and JTBC. But after that, there’s been no news regarding the K-drama’s renewal for season 3.

Considering the current situation where the pandemic has stopped the productions worldwide, we don’t expect to hear much. So after everything goes back to normal, we will most probably hear good news given the popularity of Chief of Staff.

What Will Be The Cast Of Chief Of Staff Season 3?

As far as the cast is concerned, we can expect most of the original cast to back for season 3.

Lee Jung-Jae will be back as Jang Tae-Joon, who is employed at the National Assembly. Shin Min-a will play Kang Seon-Yeong, a lawyer and the host of a tv show where she discusses various political topics.

Other returnees will include – Lee Elijah as Yoon Hye-won, Kim Dong-jun as Han Do-kyeong, Jung Jin-young as Lee Seong-min, Jung Woong-in as Oh Won-sik, Kim Kap-soo as Song-Hee-seop, and I’m Won-hee as Go Seok-man.

What Will The Story Of Chief Of Staff Season 3 Be?

Jang Tae-Joon is a young man who graduated from the Korean National Police University. He joins as an aide in the National Assembly after previously working as a detective. He gained more power by this and succeeded in making his boss a party representative.

On the other hand, Kang Seon-Yeong serves as the spokesperson for her party, after previously working as a lawyer and hosting a legal tv show. Gradually she developed feelings for Jang and the two start dating secretly.

In all, the show provides an insight into the legislative workings of the Korean government. With multiple legislative offices, committee meetings, and long dialogue deliveries, the story progresses slowly.

So expect the same amount of potential and twists, along with a detailed political-themed storyline from season 3 as well.

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