Christina Haack Net Worth: The Television Star’s Career & Earnings

If you have seen the show Flip or Flop, then you must have come across the name of Christina Haack. She is the one who hosted the show. Now, as many of you may know she is one of the most famous investors and TV personalities from America. It is no surprise that she has one of the most recognisable faces.


She also gained a lot of popularity after she starred in one of her own shows called as Christina On The Coast. In this show, she, along with her husband used to go around and flip houses to make a profit. After their split, the show ended but the popularity remained. Hence, in this piece we are going to talk about this celebrity investor. So, let us get down to it.


Christina Haack: A New Man in her Life?

Christina has been sparking a lot of rumours lately. Several people have reported that she has a new man in her life. This is because she was seen holding with the Australian based realtor named Joshua Hall. They were seen holding hands and were dressed in casual attire. It seemed that they were together as they appeared comfortable. 

Several sources have reported that the two of them are together and have recently started dating. This is because they were also seen boarding a plane together where it seemed that they were going away for a birthday.

Christina Haack: Net Worth

Let us get down to the question that you have all been waiting. Now, it has been estimated that she has a net worth of about $12 million. Her own show that we mentioned before earned her a lot of fame and popularity.

This went to such an extent that she was presented with a Daytime Emmy Award back in the year 2017.

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