Christine Quinn star of Selling Sunset planning for her own spin-off show

Sunset Sale Christine Quinn highlighted the opportunity to get her spinoff series, joking that she was “tired of sharing screen time with five other bitches.” You’re just giving us more reasons to love him.


Christine, possibly the show’s stage thief

She was asked about her plans during an interview with Vogue and said she liked the idea of starting her show.


“Real estate will always be a part of my life because it is something that I love, and you can do it yourself,” he said. “I am starting my own business; details need to be confirmed as I work on my visual and verbal brand identity. Inclusion and diversity are essential to me, so I want to work on all these aspects to start a business. A deal before something is released into the world.

Christine Quinn

“Having kids in a year or two would be amazing. Can you imagine little Christines running? But in due time. A solo show would be a great idea. I’m so tired of spending screen time with these five others. Bitches – I’ve finished. Give me my show now! ”

Christine Made our dreams come true

Last month, Christine Quinn made our dreams come true while breaking our hearts by validating approximately a fourth Selling Sunset series while telling fans that Brett Oppenheim will not be returning to the series.

According to real estate agent Christine, Brett founded his brokerage firm, which could spell stiff competition for the Selling Sunset band. “Brett left to start his own brokerage business,” Christine said in a recent interview.

Look, Christine Quinn wants a spinoff, we all want Christine to have a spinoff, so what are we waiting for?


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