‘Coastal Elites’ Trailer : All About The Satirical Comedy.

Coastal Elites is an upcoming American comedy television film. It is directed by Jay Roach. This satirical-comedy quarantine special film is written by Paul Rudnick. It is set to release on HBO on September 12th, 2020.


HBO Presents, a new socially distanced comedy Coastal Elites. It features famous celebrities who directly narrate their experiences in a pandemic. The film is a comedic satire and tells contemporary stories of characters and how they dealt with culture, environment, and pandemic.


In Coastal Elites, we expect to see five different impassioned points of view across the US. When the lockdown forces, these characters try to cope up with isolation, introspection, and sometimes also with frustration. The filming of the movie took place in the summer and followed quarantine guidelines, all the cast of the film shot their scenes in their own houses.

Cast Of Coastal Elites

Bette Midler as Mariam Nessler

• Kaitlyn Dever as Sharynn Tarrows

• Dan Levy as Mark Hesterman

• Clarissa Montgomery as Sarah Paulson

• Issa Rae as Callie Josephson



The trailer of ‘Coastal Elites’


Coastal Elites trailer launched on August 18th, 2020. The trailer is packed with political humor, Issa Rae plays the role of Callie and she recounts her interaction with Ivanka Trump. Bette Midler plays Mariam Nessler, who talks about seeing a man wearing a MAGA hat and he assaults him so he is in prison. Dever is a nurse who is serving in hospitals and shares her experience of meeting someone who may have had Covid-19 symptoms. While, Dan Levy plays the role of Mark Hesterman, who is a Hollywood actor talking about his therapy session.

While, it may not be that appealing for the audience but Jay Roach has wisely chosen the cast of the film, which includes are favorite celebrities. Watching them together virtually would definitely be an ecstatic experience for the audience.


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