Cobra Kai is back on top at Netflix’s #1 spot

After deteriorating in relative ambiguity on YouTube Red, the Karate Kid spinoff Cobra Kai, Cobra Kai has become the fastest streaming series on Netflix. You can see the power of Netflix by making people view series, which was removed by YouTube red.


Three years ago, Cobra Kai was available on YouTube red, which is now known as YouTube premium. The two seasons of CobraKai are seen on YouTube, but after a time, youtube decided to bring up with original content. So in June, Netflix agreed to scoop up the right of CobraKai.


The 2018 action drama series is back on top and become the most-streamed series this week. There are two parts of Cobra Kai Season 1 and season 2 reviewers and viewers appreciate both. And because of such insane popularity of season 1, season 1 also becomes popular and have an insane amount of fans and followers.

The best part about The Karate Kid is that you can have a stem of the current generation, and the older generation can witness The Karate Kid franchise back. So if you haven’t watched CobraKai till now, you can stream it on Netflix.

Cobra Kai

Story of Cobra Kai

It is a fun light series featuring Johnny Lawrence in some California towns surrounded by valleys. Johnny Lawrence is an unsuccessful and angry person who projects his hatred into his behavior and to the world.

According to Analytics, the demand for the series from August 23 to 29 raised 110 percent. And also told that there are chances that it will grow more.

Well, if we see that this isn’t the first time that some series can go up so high after being removed from the first place. Lucifer, which was first aired on Fox and then Netflix, adopted it, and it starts trending.

Another season of Cobra kai

There is a possibility that in 2021 we can get season 3. There is no official announcement made by Netflix on the creators of the show, but they indeed said that there would be another season of Netflix original Cobra Kai.


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